The Township of Washington Police Department had a recent rise in reports of coyote sightings throughout the Township.  The sightings have mainly been reported on the west side of town near Jackson Avenue and Hoover Avenue.  However, they do tend to travel especially in nicer weather in search of hunting rodents, rabbits and whatever food is available.

Ridgewood Police Warn Of Coyotes In Town

The state Division of Fish and Wildlife offers the following tips for residents:

• Secure garbage cans so they can’t be tipped over, and bring pets and bird feeders in at night.

• Clear brush and weeds from around the house to reduce protective cover for both coyotes and prey animals like rodents and rabbits.

• If you encounter a coyote, make loud noises (do not get close to these animals)

• Never feed a coyote.



If anyone spots a coyote during the day that shows no fear of people, or if a coyote attacks any animals or individuals, call the Township of Washington Police Department immediately at 911 or 201-664-1140.  Please do not approach these animals.