A powerful Nor’easter is forming across our area with a dangerous mix of rain, sleet, snow and wind.  According to the National Weather Service, most of New Jersey will experience winds of 25-35 mph with gusts as high as 60 mph through Friday.  As of now forecasters are calling for 8-12″+ of heavy, wet snow.  This storm is predicted to begin Tuesday evening and last through Thursday Morning.

As always, have a personal safety kit easily accessible in your vehicle if you MUST travel.  Make sure you at least have a ½ tank of gas as well and check up to date weather reports before making a trip.  Be careful while outside as forecasters are concerned with the heavy snow causing tree limbs and branches to fall, always remember to look up and be aware of your surroundings.  Please check on the elderly and disabled and offer them a hand if they need or contact the Police Department.




There is a possibility that you may loose power with this storm.  If you do experience a power outage, below are the ways to report it to PSE&G and stay updated;

Stay at home if you do not have to go out during this storm.  The safest place is home and off the road!

Please follow this webpage and @WashTwpPolice for more updates on this storm.