Image result for auto theft informationAn auto theft ring is allegedly operating in the Northern Valley area of Bergen County.  Within the past week, multiple vehicles have been stolen out of Demarest New Jersey and Harrington Park New Jersey.  The vehicles are being stolen during the early morning hours, usually between 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM.

Please lock your vehicles and take all valuables inside.  Never leave your key and key FOB in your vehicle.  One of the various methods criminals are utilizing is an advance technology to detect if a key fob is left in a vehicle.  Thieves are also looking for indicators to which vehicles are unlocked, for example modern high-end vehicles side mirrors will fold in when the vehicle is locked.

Here are just a few tips that will help protect your car from being stolen or broken into:

1) Do not leave your car unlocked

2) Do not leave a spare key or key fob inside your vehicle

3) Do not leave your windows open

4) Make sure you park in a well lit area

5) Keep your registration and insurance card with you, not in your vehicle

6) Store your valuables out of sight, leave nothing in view

7) Never leave your car running unattended


Always report suspicious activity immediately by calling the Township of Washington Police Department.