Residential Speed Limit

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Unless otherwise designated by sign, the residential speed limit for all streets within the Township of Washington is 25 miles per hour. If there is no speed limit sign on a residential road you should assume the speed limit is 25 per hour. During the last several years the Police Department has performed a large number of speed surveys on residential streets within the Township. We have found that a large majority of the motoring public maintain speeds that our close to the speed limit. However, there are motorist who insist on traveling at speeds which we consider to be unsafe. On occasion, we find that these motorist live in on or within a few blocks of the road that they are speeding on. The Police Department will continue to perform speed surveys on our residential streets and violators will be prosecuted.

Residents should be particularly careful on those side streets such as Woodfield Rd., Sussex Rd., Chestnut St., and Cleveland Ave. These streets are adjacent to the Washington Lake area. The majority of the streets surrounding the Lake do not have sidewalks. This area is used by students going to and coming from the Westwood Jr./Sr. High School and by residents who enjoy walking and riding their bicycles around the area. Pedestrians walking this area must share the road with the vehicles that are driving through the area. Please be alert and careful.