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The Township of Washington Police Department offers a free safety car seat inspection and car seat installation.  Two of our officers are certified car seat technicians.  As part of this service, we instruct parents on the proper technique of installing a car seat as well as advising them if the seat which they are using is the correct one for your child.   New Jersey Law mandates that all children under the age of 8 AND under 80 lbs MUST be in an approved child seat. It is crucial to the safety of your child that a child seat be properly installed.  Please make sure that children are properly protected while traveling in a motor vehicle. Only the correct use of child car seats will offer the protection your child needs. There are many different types of child car seats on the market today. Each one must meet federal standards and all provide good protection for your child when used correctly. The “right” seat for you is largely a matter of personal choice. Choose a seat that fits your child and your car, read the instructions carefully, and use the seat correctly on every trip.

Car seat inspections and installations are done by appointment only by Cpl. Ferrarini and PO Vereb.  To schedule a car seat installation or inspection appointment, please send an e-mail to Township of Washington Car Seat Install.   An officer will reach out to schedule an appointment as soon as they are available.

For additional information on child seat safety and the current laws that apply to children of all ages, visit the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety website.