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The Township of Washington Police Department is proud to announce the first edition of the “Township of Washington Police Cop Card” program. This program furnishes the Township of Washington Police Officers with baseball type trading cards.  The front of the cards will have the officers photograph and the back of the card will contain a short biography of the officer, as well as a personal message to the children from that officer.  The Cop Card program is for children in grades Kindergarten to 8th grade, which does not mean that children of other grades and ages cannot collect the cards.  In fact, children of all ages are encouraged to collect these cards!

The Cop Card program is designed to help familiarize the children with the Police Officers in the community as well as establish a trusted bond between the children and the officers.  By the officers personally handing out these cards, children will seek out officers and help start to break down the proverbial wall and possible fear that children may have about speaking to an Officer.  We are trying to have the children in our community feel comfortable enough to seek out a Police Officer when a parent/guardian is not around if they feel or experience something that they feel isn’t right.

Below is a list of Participating Officers!


Chief Calamari

Captain Pecora

Lt. Scherer

Lt. Glock

Sgt. Fasciano

Sgt. Riedel

Sgt. Parsells

Sgt. Gugger

Sgt. Cangialosi

Cpl. Santa

Cpl. Ferrarini

Cpl. Osenbruck

Cpl. Kenny

Cpl. Ferrazzano

P.O. Vereb

P.O. Sinatra

P.O. Luscombe

P.O. Bobadilla

P.O. O’Hanlon

P.O. Lerner

P.O. Reyes

Children are encouraged to go on the Township of Washington Police website (, Township of Washington Facebook page or Township of Washington Police Twitter page @WashTwpPolice to check periodically for program updates.

If you have any questions please contact Cpl. Osenbruck at 201-664-1140 or by e-mail at [email protected].