The Township of Washington Residential and Commercial Security Survey Program.

In an effort to improve the safety and security of the residents and businesses of the Township of Washington, we have implemented a Home Security Survey and Business Security Survey program. This program provides residents of the Township the ability to contact the Township of Washington Police Department and arrange for the scheduling of a police officer to come to a residence and conduct an analysis of your current home security measures and address what is being done correctly by you and your family as well as improvements that can be made.Image result for home security

You may conduct the analysis on your own which can be found my clicking Township of Washington Police Department Security checklist and either improve deficiencies that are discovered on your own or you may decide to have a Township of Washington Police officer come to your home and consult with you on the results of the Security Survey and he will also administer his own security survey and share his findings with you.  Business establishments in the Township may contact us and have an analysis of their store or facility in the areas of crime prevention and security and have an opportunity to update emergency procedures as well as contact information between the business and the Township Police. 

To schedule a Residential or Business Security Survey contact Cpl. Osenbruck by e-mail,  [email protected] or calling 201-664-1140 ext. 303.