Police Personnel

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Employment with the Township of Washington Police Department

If you are interested in career as a Township of Washington Police Officer, please mail or hand deliver a resume to the Township of Washington Police Department at the following address:

Township of Washington Police
Attn: Chief Glenn Hooper
350 Hudson Avenue
Township of Washington NJ 07676

At the current time, the Department is fully staffed. Candidates will be notified about upcoming test dates.

Retired Members

Chief Chester Johnson
Chief William Cicchetti
Captain Roger Maher
Lt. Jack Oppelt
Sgt. Bob Tumminelli
Sgt. Ken Scherer
Sgt. David Mino
Cpl. Donald Commerford
Ptl. Jamie Powell
Ptl. Drew Krafte
Chief Justin Georgetti
Captain Joseph Sacchi
Lt. David Butler
Sgt. Carl Mittelhammer
Sgt. Ryan Smith
Ptl. Frank Bovino
Ptl. Robert La Bianca
Ptl. Christopher Kelley
Sgt. William Curl
Chief Randy Ciocco
Capt. Gregg Hackbarth
Sgt. Thomas Lawton
Chief Glenn Hooper

Deceased Members

Lt. John Greiner
Sgt. Edgar Petersen
Detective Joseph Lesko
Ptl. Ronald Loverich
Sgt. Thomas Martin

Chief William Beppler
Lt. William Lyons
Sgt. Richard Dunn
Ptl. Charles Burns
S.O. Edward Majeski