Crime Prevention

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One of the more serious crimes occurring within the Township, is the forced entry into a residence commonly called Burglary. Usually the home is vacant. Past experience has indicated that most burglars look for homes that appear to be vacant. Indications of this are: no lights on inside and outside of the home during the evening hours and mail or newspapers that are left accumulating. The majority of residential burglaries committed occur during the evening hours. Most burglars target bedrooms in search of jewelry and cash. The typical burglary may take only a minute or two.

There are several measures that can be taken to prevent your home from being a target. The most obvious being, keep the house well lighted so it appears to be occupied. When not at home and during vacation periods, have several lights on timers. Use motion detectors on the exterior of the home. Make arrangements with a neighbor to pick up mail and newspapers. Keep windows and doors secured with quality locks. Deadbolt locks can be a deterrent. Find a place within the home to store valuables, specifically jewelry, out of view. Report your home as vacant to the Police before leaving for vacation.

Residents are requested to report any and all suspicious persons, vehicles, noises or anything else they may believe to be unusual in there neighborhoods regardless of the time of day.

Solicitors within the Township must display a Town issued permit in clear view. Thorough background checks are conducted prior to the issuance of a solicitor’s permit.

Telephone solicitation is a growing problem. Local Police Departments do not solicit by phone. This Department is a member of New Jersey P.B.A. Local 206. There is an annual mailed fundraising letter.