Press Release by Capt. Gregg Hackbarth – 6/25/2016
Photographs by P.O. William Jackson
Photographs edited by Lt. John Calamari


The 35th annual Township of Washington Police Department’s Traffic Safety Poster Contest (TSPC) Ceremony was held on for Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 at the Senior Center in the municipal complex.  Fifty-three students were recipients of cash awards and certificates of achievement for their award winning posters.  A total of $2,600 in cash awards were distributed to the award winning artists from the Jessie George School, Washington School and Westwood Regional Middle School.  A total of 538 students from the three schools participated in this year’s program.  The traffic safety themes for this year’s TSPC were as follows:

For kindergarten through second grade:

“Pedestrian and Child Passenger Safety”


For third grade through fifth grade:

“Getting to School Safely”


For sixth grade:

“How to be a Good Passenger”

 This year’s TSPC had five Grand Prize winners who received $150 checks for the best poster per grade grouping.  In addition, thirteen students received $75 checks for the best poster per grade per school and thirty-five students received $25 checks.  The $150 Grand Prize winning posters were drawn by the following students (their poster are displayed below as are the posters for best poster per grade per school):




Giulia R. – Kindergarten – Washington School


Neomah S. – Second Grade – Jessie George School


Kaitlyn L. – Third Grade – Jessie George School


Moira H. – Fourth Grade – Washington School


Brianna C. – Fifth Grade – Jessie George School


Best Posters Per Grade Per School – $75 Recipients

Nicholas Z. – Kindergarten – Jessie George School
Juliet M. – Kindergarten – Washington School


Anthony A. – First Grade – Jessie George School
Analia C. – First Grade – Washington School


Michael S. – Second Grade – Jessie George School
Aiden B. – Second Grade Washington School


Sean C. – Third Grade – Jessie George School
Mia K. – Third Grade – Washington School


Ava W. – Fourth Grade – Jessie George School
Keira D. – Fourth Grade – Washington School


Kirk S. – Fifth Grade – Jessie George School
Grace H. – Fifth Grade – Washington School


Salvatore P. – Sixth Grade – Westwood Regional Middle School


All 538 posters entered in the Township of Washington Police Department’s 35th Annual Traffic

Safety Poster Contest have been submitted to AAA for entry into AAA’s State Traffic Poster Program.

Our goal is to educate the children of this community about traffic and pedestrian safety.  We hope to

build lifelong safety habits at an early age.


The following businesses, civic groups, emergency services and private citizens sponsored

$2,600 in cash awards for this year’s TSPC:

Grand Prize Sponsors ($150 Checks)

Oritani Bank Charitable Foundation – 3 full checks

Dolores and Donald Snyder – 2 full checks


Best Posters Per Grade Per School Sponsors 

($75 Checks)

Bacari Grill – 2 full checks and 1 check cosponsored

with Domino’s Pizza of Westwood

Twp. of Washington Police Department – 2 full checks and

1 check cosponsored with Knights of Columbus #5427

Tom Sawyer Diner – 2 full checks

Tumble In Cleaners – 1 full checks and 1 check cosponsored with Elephant Electric

Rocket Fizz – 1 full check

Certified Speedometer – 1 check cosponsored

with Councilman Tom Sears

Oritani Bank Charitable Foundation – 1 check cosponsored

with Carl Mittelhammer – Prime Solutions



$25 Check Sponsors

Mayor Janet Sobkowicz – 6 checks

Chief of Police Glenn Hooper – 4 checks

Jessie F. George School P.S.O. – 4 checks

JRL Associates – 4 checks

Pascack Valley PBA Local 206 – 4 checks

Washington School P.S.O. – 4 checks

Bergen Brookside Towing – 2 checks

Contemporary Woman’s Club of Washington Township –

2 checks

Highway Traffic Supply – 2 checks


$25 Check Sponsors (Continued)

Twp. Of Washington Volunteer Ambulance Corps –

2 checks

Rocket Fizz – 1 check


              Any business, civic group or private citizen that would like to be added to the sponsor list for the 36th Annual TSPC in 2016 should contact Captain Gregg Hackbarth at 201-664-1140 ext. 116 or may send an e-mail to Captain Hackbarth at