Road CrossingImage result for CAR VS. DEER AAAAs mating season for deer begins, drivers will start to see more Deer interfering with the roadways. This means drivers need to demonstrate more caution on the roadways.  “Animal-vehicle collisions start to increase in October and peak in mid-November,” said AAA Public Affairs Manager, Cindy Antrican. “As the deer population grows, motorists need to be even more cautious and alert behind the wheel, especially at dawn and dusk, which can be the time for high levels of deer activity.”  The Township of Washington Police Department would like to remind you if you do end up in an Animal related crash, call the Township of Washington Police Department immediately and if you can move your vehicle to a safe location and put on your hazard lights on so you are visible to other motor vehicles.


Below please find AAA tips on What to do if an Animal Runs in front of your vehicle;

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