Coyotes Have City On Alert | WAMC

See the source imageThe Township of Washington Police Department has received reports of a Coyote sighting last night around midnight on the West Side of town.  According to American Animal Control, Coyote attacks on humans are rare, however they do happen.  With the increase of coyote populations, Caution with leaving small children out playing unattended in areas where there are many coyote sightings is not a good idea especially if coyotes are active during daytime hours.  Coyotes do attack pets. Veterinary clinics are receiving more and more calls for pet attacks from coyotes. Small dogs and cats in areas where coyotes are very active should be kept a close eye on. Don’t leave small pets out at night when coyotes are known to be living close in your area.

If you see a Coyote, please call the Police Desk to report it but understand unless its contained TYCO will not come out to remove it.