In April we celebrate Autism Awareness!

Autism Awareness month is geared toward celebrating and promoting the acceptance of Autism.

As of 2021, 1 in 59 babies are diagnosed with Autism.  A recent study shows that New Jersey has the highest rate of Autism in the United States.

Some ways you can participate in the cause is by Embracing the blue!  In 2010, Autism Speaks attached the color blue to Autism Awareness Month.  Buildings, homes, and monuments all around the world are shrouded in the color on April when Autism Awareness Month formally kicks off.  Another way to be involved is by swapping out your porch light for a blue version or by wearing blue to express your support for the cause.  You can also spread the word by sharing any Autism information or posts using hashtag #AutismAwarenessMonth, or tag the organization you’re supporting in each post you write.  Share knowledge with others about Autism!