8 Best Fake Security Cameras | The Family HandymanFrom time to time, home security camera videos can help the Washington Township Police Department gather critical information about crimes and suspicious activities.  The Washington Township Police are asking all business owners and homeowners who have surveillance cameras to register your cameras with us!  We plan to create a database of all the camera locations in the Township to be used to solve cases.  Surveillance systems are useful in investigations.  Technology is extremely helpful and we would like our residents to help us and be proactive about crime in the neighborhood, especially recently with stolen vehicles/burglarized vehicles.  This program will also be useful during the Holiday season when the “porch pirates” start hitting our town.  All cameras can be registered, not just doorbells.  It should be noted by registering your camera, we are not and will not be able to access your camera(s) remotely/directly. Registering with us is just a record that we will keep in case we need possible footage in a specific area of town.  When an incident occurs Patrol canvasses the area and looks for cameras to find out who may have them, which directions they point and which would be able to help us.  Creating a database of homeowners who have cameras will help Patrol know where to look to expedite the investigation process.  You can register your camera by filling out this form here and e-mailing it to Cpl. Osenbruck 

Any questions regarding this program please contact Cpl. Osenbruck at 201-664-1140

Best Home Security SystemsAlong with this program, we also offer a Residential and Commercial Security Survey Program.  That information can be found by clicking here.