Washington Township PD attends coyote management seminar

There is no cause for alarm. We do not have a coyote problem in Washington Township. We have had a few coyote sightings this year but no incidents of coyotes acting aggressively or causing damage.

Because of coyote problems in Saddle River one of our staff officers recently attended a coyote management seminar hosted Saddle River.  We gathered information at the seminar in order to prepare if we need to address any issues.

Here are a few simple tips for residents.

  • If you see a coyote please report it to the police department. We will respond to assess the situation but will not take physical action unless it is behaving aggressively.
  • Please do not feed wildlife any kind. This may attract rodents or deer. Rodents are a food source for coyotes
  • Never approach coyotes or other wild life.
  • Loud noises such a car horns or hand-held boat horns are usually enough to disperse coyotes.
  • Please call the police if you have concerns, we can contact animal control or other resources as needed.