The Township of Washington Police want to warn residents that there is a current crime ring is looking at high-end motor vehicles, expensive, with people who leave the key fobs in the car with the doors unlocked in residential driveways during overnight and early morning hours.  Law Enforcement sources report that it’s allegedly part of a larger organized crime ring operating across the Tri-state area, and Bergen County is being hit hard.  Bergen County officials say car owners need to change their habits, to avoid becoming an easy target.  Lock your doors, take the key fob out, take the valuables out of the car.  The Township of Washington Police want to also remind residents to not leave their vehicles running unattended.



Below you can view a news report that was aired earlier this week on CBS regarding the increase in High End Auto Thefts.


Here are just a few tips from the Township of Washington Police Department that will help protect your car from being stolen or broken into:

1) Do not leave your car unlocked

2) Do not leave a spare key or key fob inside your vehicle

3) Do not leave your windows open

4) Make sure you park in a well lit area

5) Keep your registration and insurance card with you, not in your vehicle

6) Store your valuables out of sight, leave nothing in view

7) Never leave your car running unattended

Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Township of Washington Police Department immediately by either dialing 201-664-1140 or 9-1-1.