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You may or may not have seen the #9pmroutine, and if you haven’t, you’ll see it now as the Township of Washington Police Department is joining the nationwide #9pmroutine!

We are not only taking to the streets to fight crime, but now to the internet!  Township of Washington Police will be reminding residents to be a part of the #9PM Routine!  The #9PM Routine consists of residents who will Lock their doors, Bring in your valuables from your vehicles and remove your keys and key fobs every night!  You will see the posts on Facebook, the Tweets on Twitter, accompanied by pictures with the #9PMRoutine.

By being part of the #9pmroutine, we want everyone to get in the nightly routine of making sure your vehicle and house is locked, making sure your valuables are removed from your vehicles and to make sure your keys and key fobs are with you and not left in your vehicle.  Please watch out for more pictures, like the one below, appear on our social media pages!