Washington Avenue / Pascack Road Intersection Project

The intersection project primarily involves widening the existing roadway and adding additional traffic lanes.
The majority of the work will take place behind the existing curb line thereby necessitating minimal disruptions to the existing roadway and traffic patterns during the construction.
When the majority of that work is completed, the existing curbs/curb lines will be removed and the new lanes and traffic patterns will be incorporated into the existing roadway with signage, signals and stripping.

The primary disruption will be the drainage portion of the project which will go across Washington Avenue between Pascack Road and Meisten Street.
There should be prior notice by the contractor with regard to that portion and the Police Department will make efforts to disseminate that information via signage at the scene and social media/website.

Any necessary detours will be created on a day-to-day basis based on the contractor’s needs for that day.

The existing traffic pattern will be restored at the end of each day’s construction.
The Police Department will make efforts to disseminate information received from the contractor regarding required detours or road closures via signage and social media/website as soon as it is provided.