Recently a resident on our East Side of town had their catalytic converter stolen off their vehicle.  It is, and has been, and continues to be a statewide problem.

 The reason these catalytic converters are stolen so often lies in what’s inside them. There is both a high demand and limited supply of the precious metals contained in these parts.

Driving Incentives: The Massive Spike In Catalytic Converter Theft Across  Denver And How To Avoid It - Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle

(Above Picture – Stock/Generic Picture of a Catalytic Converter for reference)

Suspects drive around looking for susceptible vehicles.  They crawl under the car with portable tools and quickly remove the catalytic converter.  Sometimes these suspects don’t even need to jack up the car, they just climb underneath it and remove the part within 2-3 minutes.  Large and/or lifted vehicles should especially take precaution, as it is easier to access catalytic converters on these types of vehicles because of the height.  If you hear a metal cutting sound outside of your residence with no known construction in the area, contact us immediately.


Please see the below Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Tips:

  • Park in will lit areas
  • Park close to curbs to deter access underneath your vehicle
  • Some Alarm systems can be calibrated to activate upon vibration
  • Having cameras around your house is extremely helpful, and if you do have them – try to park your vehicle within the cameras range
  • Have your license plate engraved on your catalytic converter
  • There are some aftermarket catalytic converter theft prevention devices on the market that create a cage around your converter, making it harder to steal.