Take your role as designated driver seriously — people are relying on you. If you’re attending a party, enjoy the food and nonalcoholic drinks. Refrain from any alcoholic beverages or other drugs.

· You know the rules: It’s illegal to drive drunk. Before you head out to a Super Bowl party, make a game plan that includes a sober driver — someone who will not drink at all, and will safely bring you home.
· Make sure your designated driver is actually sober. If he or she decides to drink unexpectedly, call a sober ride.
· When you ride home with your sober driver, make sure you — and your driver — wear your seat belts. It’s your best defense in a crash.
· Always buckle your seat belt and require any passengers to do the same. Don’t start the car until all passengers’ seat belts are buckled.
· If someone you know has been drinking and tries to drive, take their keys and help them get home safely. They may complain, but they’ll thank you later.


If you are hosting a Super Bowl party, be sure all your guests have a sober ride home.

· Ask your guests to designate their sober drivers in advance.
· Encourage your drinking guests to pace themselves, eat food, and drink plenty of water.

Boast about your MVP status on social media using the hashtag #DesignatedDriver. Your positive influence could help keep other sober drivers on the right track.

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