Township of Washington Logo

350 Hudson Avenue, Township of Washington
County of Bergen – New Jersey 07676
Phone # 201-664-1140
Fax # 201-664-2959
Chief of Police – Richard Skinner
Director – James Giblin

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The Township of Washington Police Department would like to inform the residents that credit fraud and other forms of electronic account fraud are on the rise. Please take necessary steps to monitor and protect your accounts and credit. We would like to suggest the following:

1. Use the website to monitor your credit report and accounts. is the exclusive site established by FCC regulation to provide one FREE credit report per year from each of the three credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and Trans-Union) to everyone. There is never a fee to use this service. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, this service now provides one free credit report PER WEEK and is an excellent and FREE way to monitor your credit for fraudulent or suspicious activity. There are advertisements and solicitations on the site but none of them are mandatory to get your reports and you never need to enter a credit card or pay any fee for your reports.

2. Make use of a “Fraud Alert” if you discover any unauthorized activity on your credit report. A Fraud Alert does not negatively impact your credit and simply alerts creditors or lenders that you may have been the victim of fraudulent activity and they should take additional steps to verify your identity prior to issuing credit or opening a new account. A Fraud Alert can be placed by simply contacting any of the above-mentioned credit reporting agencies either by telephone or their websites. Once the Fraud Alert is placed with one credit reporting agency it is active with all three.